How can I clean the curtains without washing them?

We all love that the houses are clean and cozy, but cleaning the curtains can discourage the desire to clean even the most clean hostess. It is enough to imagine how hard it is to remove them, dry them, and then smooth them and hang them back again – hands immediately drop. But what if the curtains can be cleaned directly on the weight without erasing?

Traditional fabric curtains

When it comes to classic textile curtains, dry cleaning of curtains, unfortunately, can not replace washing: dust and dirt quickly eat into the fibers and texture of the fabric and wash off without water and detergents categorically do not want. But this does not mean that it is completely impossible to clean such curtains on weight. You just need to know what exactly makes sense and what does not.

  • Remove the dust.

Do you remember how it was enough to shake out the carpet before, so that it would be considered clean? And it’s rare who really washed them! Simply removing dust from the curtains can pretty much refresh their look, but more importantly, by doing this regularly, you can delay global laundry or dry cleaning. By paying a little attention to the curtains with each floor cleaning, you will not allow dust to accumulate and penetrate into the fabric structure, which will provide a lasting clean look. Only it is important to do this cleaning regularly: once the dust penetrates the fibers, it will not be possible to remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Eliminate local contamination.

Often the curtains get dirty at the bottom, but look almost like new at the top. If the spots have a local character – for example, you spilled or dropped something – then the conspicuous pollution can be removed with a toothbrush and any non-aggressive detergent. This trick does not make the curtains really clean, but it will save you from the need for emergency washing.

  • Get a steamer.

The steamer or steam cleaner seems to be an indispensable thing in the farm: the business of many cleaning companies is on it only! Tissue curtains, even from delicate material, can be completely refreshed with steam, but it is important to understand that neither the steam cleaner nor the steamer, like any other cleaning of curtains on weight, except for dry cleaning, can replace the washing. Yes, under the pressure of the mud will dissolve, and under the influence of steam iron, the textile will be smoothed, but there are no suction functions for such installations, which means that the dirt remains in the texture and partly in the air, whence it will soon fall back into the fibers.

Mechanical or electric turbo brush, which one to choose? Choose a vacuum cleaner with a mechanical turbo brush if the pile of your carpets does not exceed 1 cm. Since in mechanical brushes the roller is driven by air flow, the efficiency of such a turbo brush directly depends on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. A mechanical turbo brush reduces the suction efficiency by about 30%, so a vacuum cleaner with a mechanical turbo brush should have a suction power of at least 400 airwatts, consider this when choosing.

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Separately, I would like to note that the steam generator can spoil the fabric if used improperly, therefore, before using, find out if it is possible to clean the textile with steam in your case, and also read the instructions and find an item on how to do it correctly.

vacuum cleaner curtains

Roller blinds

Here we will consider Roman and roller blinds, as well as vertical blinds, which are covered with a special dirt-repellent or even vinyl layer. If your roller blinds or blinds are made of fabric, then you can return to the first block of the article, since the strategy of cleaning any fabric curtains is the same.

For those who stayed in this part of the article, let’s say at once – you are very lucky, after all, specially processed by factory way roller blinds and blinds are much easier to put in order, without removing!

  • Firstly, periodic cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner yields a much greater result, since dirt can not enter into fibers.
  • Secondly, getting rid of individual spots for the same reason is much easier: the contamination can be wiped off with an ordinary wet cloth directly on the weight.
  • Thirdly, you can always wipe with a cloth moistened with a detergent, the entire surface, if you want to more thoroughly get rid of dust and dirt. Of course, with a hand wash, this cleaning can not be compared, but fabric lamellas and roller blinds still recommend washing not more than once a year.
  • As a bonus, tell another secret: from a vinyl surface, such as a blackout curtains, dark spots can be erased with a regular clerk eraser in just seconds!


Non-woven Blinds

Perhaps the easiest way to clean, not removing, it is plastic or aluminum blinds, because the dirt in them does not eat up, which means that it should be easier to remove. But unfortunately, we usually use such blinds in the kitchen, and already a month after cleaning the lamellas are again covered not only with dust, but also with grease and spray.

  • Fighting difficult spots of fat can help you to steam generator. After using it, it will be enough to wipe the blinds with a dry cloth to collect the dissolved dirt.
  • Antistatic can help prevent dust settling, which can also be used on other types of curtains.
  • From the already accumulated dust, a special brush or an ordinary dry cloth can save. If you just want to refresh the look, you do not need to wet it, because wet cleaning on the weight will take a long time, and if you do it quickly and poorly, then there will be ugly dark divorces. But we do not recommend using a vacuum cleaner: the lamellas are easy to bend or break with one awkward movement.

It turns out that it is possible to refresh the look of any curtains without removing them, perhaps with the help of both proven methods and relatively new technologies, but the old kind of wet cleaning and washing in the issue of cleaning clean curtains from dirt can be replaced only by dry cleaning.